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    As a Human Resource Professional...

                 You should belong to a SHRM affiliated chapter

    Why should I join a SHRM affiliated chapter?

    It is tough in the fast paced work environment of the new millennium to maintain top performance as a human resource management professional.  You need all the help you can get!

    As a member of a SHRM affiliated local chapter you will develop a network that will help you in many ways:

    • Exposure to other HR professionals and companies revealing how other organizations handle various human resource situations, procedures, policies, etc.
    • Access to a network of professionals and specialists providing HR information that might otherwise be difficult and/or expensive to obtain.
    • Opportunity to develop relationships and contacts in other companies to share information on HR concerns.
    • Access to current best practices to make your organization more efficient, increase employee commitment and help line managers carry out business strategy.
    • Availability of up-to-date information on pending legislation that may impact your company's operations.
    • Opportunity to develop leadership skills by taking on volunteer leadership role in the local chapter.
    • Availability of local professional development opportunities to improve your competence.
    • Development of a reputation and credentials in the HR field through your involvement in the local chapter.

    I am already a national SHRM member, why should I join the local SHRM chapter too?

    Membership in both local and national level gives you full access to a wealth of service and programs that can broaden your skills and make you more valuable to your company.  You will also be a part of the largest professional organization in the world dedicated to the advancement of the human resource management profession.

    Membership Types


    • Having 3 or more years Human Resource Management experience and/or
    • University/College facility member or professor that teaches HR
    • Classified as an exempt HR professional
    • PHR or SPHR certified
    • Consultant in HR with 3 years experience
    • Attorney with 3 years HR work or equivalent
    • National SHRM member with 3 years experience in HR


    • Have less than 3 years Human Resource Mangement experience
    • Classifed as a non-exemp HR professional
    • Individual outside the professional designation who demonstrates a sincere interest in the Chapter and a bona fide interest in Human Resource Management


    • Must be actively enrolled full-time as a student at a college or university and actively pursuing a degree in Human Resources or a degree closely related to the Human Resources profession.  Student members will not be able to vote or hold an office in the Chapter.

    What is the cost to join SHRM Topeka and how can I join?

    The cost of membership for SHRM Topeka is $75 annually for individuals that are already national SHRM members and $95 annually for individuals that are not already national SHRM members.  Students can also join for an annual rate of $35. To join, all you have to do is the click on the link below.  It's that simple!

    SHRM Topeka members receive a discount to attend Chapter Meetings, Trainings and other chapter events. SHRM Topeka is a non-profit organization, and the fees for these events help to cover the cost of venues, food, and supplies. 

    A Chapter Meeting Pre-Purchase Option is also available in December-January of each year. Contact us at for more information! 

    Once your online application has been received, the local SHRM Board of Directors will vote on your membership.  If approved and you selected to pay by check, you will be contacted to pay your membership fee.  Membership is not final until payment has been received.