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Board Member Spotlight: Kelly Welch, President-Elect


    SHRM Topeka is proud to feature our 2022 Board of Directors! Learn more about Board President-Elect Kelly Welch with our Q&A.  

    Tell us about your experience with SHRM Topeka. 

    I joined National SHRM in 2017 and then joined the Topeka Chapter in 2018.  I was interested in volunteering so I reached out and was put in touch with Ashley Esquibel!  Her enthusiasm convinced me to join the Board of Directors in late 2018.  Since that time I have held roles in Membership and Communications and am currently serving as the President Elect for 2022.  

    How long have you been working in HR?

    I got my start in employee benefits back in 2005 and moved over to an HR/Benefits role 9 years ago.  

    What resources do you use to stay up-to-date on HR news and trends?

    I stay up to date with information from local and National SHRM, various HR newsletters from vendors, ISCEBS for all my benefit info!  I am also fortunate enough to have an employer that allows me to remain connected in all my volunteer roles, attend conferences and supports my professional development.  

    What professional accomplishment are you the most proud of?

    I am insanely proud of my CEBS, Certified Employee Benefits Specialist, designation!  It's a series of 5 classes and tests that cover a wide range of topics in employee benefits and retirement plans. It took me 18 months to complete all the classes and at the time I graduated, I was the only CEBS holder in Topeka!  The typical person takes 3 years to finish the designation but I was on a mission to walk across the graduation stage in New Orleans!  After graduation I joined the ISCEBS Governing Council, Membership Subcommittee.  

    What advice do you have for someone new to the HR field?

    Network!  It has been so beneficial throughout my career to have resources outside of my organization to help me succeed.  You gain different perspectives, a sense of community and friends!  

    Why should local HR professionals get involved in SHRM Topeka?

    Joining SHRM Topeka has provided me with friends, valuable mentors and access to lots of resources and professional development opportunities!  

    What do you like to do in your free time? 

    Garden!  I love growing both flowers and vegetables and teaching about sustainable growing practices.  I am not certified as organic, but I grow organically because creating a little self sustaining ecosystem in my area is important to me.  I became certified to teach in community gardens a few years ago and my next goal is to become a Master Gardener.  I love to give tours of my yard and will talk your ear off!!  

    What's one thing you love about Topeka? 

    Topeka has been a good place to raise a family.  And it's small enough to remain connected to your community and not get lost in a sea of people.