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HR Manager - Greater Topeka Partnership

    The Greater Topeka Partnership’s mission is to be the catalyst for economic prosperity within our community and our vision is that the greater Topeka region is internationally recognized as a vibrant, innovative, fun, diverse, and healthy community.

    We are committed to diversifying the voice of the community, doing right by those who have entrusted us with our mission, looking toward a brighter future and infusing passion into everything we do.  To that end, we hold to the following core values:

    • Diversity & Inclusion- Our organization, like our community, is great when everyone has a chance to come to the table with a voice that is heard and valued.
    • Integrity- We place integrity at the forefront of all our decisions and will continue to build a team only of individuals who are dedicated to doing the right thing in a fair and honest way. 
    • Visionary- The future starts today and the decisions we make shape tomorrow for the next generation.  We set our sights on innovation.  We encourage and support creativity in our community and stay on the cutting edge of our industry’s standards.
    • Passion for Community- We love our community! 

    As a result of the community’s aggressive Momentum 2022 Strategy, the Partnership became a reality in January of 2018.  The primary partnership organizations of the Partnership are GO Topeka, the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, Visit Topeka and Downtown Topeka.  Other partners include the Downtown Topeka Foundation, Greater Topeka Partnership Foundation, EMBD, Small Business Council, FORGE, Topeka Youth Commission, Riverfront Authority & Advisory Board, Momentum 2022, Included, Leadership Greater Topeka and the Innovation Advisory Board.

    A major advantage to this partnership model is the sharing of resources to implement similar and overlapping strategies.  A critical shared resource to the success of the Partnership is its staff talent and team.  

    Recently the board and executive leadership team (ELT) of the Partnership determined that a new leadership position should be added to the GTP team.  The HR Manager will be an integral member of the Partnership.  Working closely with the ELT, this leader will execute the HR programs across all stakeholder and partner organizations.  Areas of focus will be team development, culture, celebration, appreciation, organization development, recruitment, onboarding, talent development, annual review process and HR administration.

    Although we seek a professional with the credentials, education and background to hit the ground running, our primary focus is to find a teammate that will live our core values and partner with our executive leadership team with energy and passion.

    Interested candidates should send cover letter, resume and compensation history to Curtis Sneden at

    Post live until 02/15/2020