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    2017 SHRMinar

    Date: August 24, 2017, 9:00am – 4:00pm
    SHRM - Topeka Chapter
    Manor Conference Center - River Room
    Suggested Parking: parking lot on 17th Street & Western
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    Please join us on Thursday, August 24 for the Topeka SHRM 2017 SHRMinar.

    The meeting will be hosted at the Capitol Plaza Hotel, 1717 SW Topeka Boulevard in the River Room.  Lunch will be served and is included in the cost of registration.

    The cost of the full day SHRMinar with lunch included is $75.00.

    9:00 am – Noon         Melanie Spring - Rock Your Business

    *Melanie Spring is the ultimate anti-CEO.*
    She doesn’t wear a suit to work, nor does she have the corner office with fancy swivel chairs. What she does have is moxie, strength, and gobs of creativity. A quaint townhouse office in the heart of Capitol Hill, and a team of quirky rockstars by her side. She’s not a CEO, she’s a CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer). Her daily agenda? Inspire humans to live life with purpose.

    Melanie will be quick to tell you she’s not “the boss” – she’s the Boss Lady. At the helm of her company, Sisarina (a brand strategy agency in Washington, DC), she and her team focus on the humans inside remarkable companies, building these businesses from the inside out. Through workshops, development days, and brand strategy sessions, Melanie creates a roadmap of company culture and brand purpose.

    *Rocking Your Brand Inside Out*
    You’ll rarely find the Chief Inspiration Officer in the office, however. Melanie is always on the road - just across town or in a completely different hemisphere. She once drove 7,000 miles in 3 weeks on the Live Your Brand Tour and her resulting collection of stories was later published in Entrepreneur Magazine. Wherever she goes, she spreads the gospel of living on purpose, discovering new sources of inspiration and meeting amazing humans along the way.

    If you want to start living inspired, you can find Melanie (and her zany crew) on her podcast Adventures in Branding, or you can join I Rock My Brand, the exclusive online community for kickass brand ambassadors, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. Grab your notebook, superhero cape, and buckle your seatbelt – you’re about to dream bigger.

    Noon – 1 pm               Lunch provided

    1:00pm - 4:00pm       Frank Keck, Strategic Team Building

    Imagine having the wheels on your car going in different directions.

    You wouldn’t get anywhere fast. We know we need to have the wheels aligned on our cars to
    get the best fuel economy and performance from our vehicles. We all know that.

    Did you know the same thing is required of our teams?

    Strategic Team Building and Alignment will help you and your team create alignment, people
    moving in the same direction towards the same goals or objectives. Determine which people will
    work most effectively on the team and which ones would be a better fit for a different team.
    Learn how to recruit the right people to move the team forward.

    Learn how to create a team vision, mission, and values. Understand how to communicate it to
    your team initially and then in an ongoing fashion. Learn how to get buy-in and engagement so
    you can spend your time moving things forward and less time fixing what is broken.

    In this workshop, you will learn:

    • What actually aligns people on a team
    • How to create an aligned team
    • The steps to keeping your team aligned and engaged
    • How to create alignment with the current members of the team
    • Tips for recruiting new team members that will be aligned with the team
    • Proven processes to help define your team’s purpose and future vision 


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