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Benefits Administrator - Bettis Companies

    Benefits Administrator

    Job Summary:

    The benefits administrator position is responsible for directing and planning the day-to-day operations of group benefits programs (group health, dental, vision, short-term and long-term disability, life insurance, health savings plan, retirement plans, wellness plan, etc.). This position provides excellent customer service and designs quality benefits plans. The administrator continually investigates new benefits programs, improves existing programs, and supervises and monitors benefits administration.


     Research employee benefits plans and vendors to identify those that present the best value.
     Design, recommend and implement new benefits programs. Examine possible plan designs and benefits cost changes.
     Negotiate with vendors and administrators for best plans, options and rates.
     Serve as primary contact for plan vendors and third-party administrators.
     Coordinate transfer of data to external contacts for services, premiums and plan administration.
     Evaluate and revise internal processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
     Document and maintain administrative procedures for assigned benefits processes. 
     Ensure compliance with applicable government regulations. Ensure timeliness and accuracy of
    required reporting and fees.
     Coordinate daily benefits processing. Handle enrollments, COBRA, terminations, changes,
    beneficiaries, disability, accident and death claims, 401K.
     Oversee maintenance of employee benefits files, maintain group benefits database and update
    employee payroll records.
     Gather employee data and oversee the processing of monthly billings and the preparation of
    vouchers for payment of administrative fees for all group plans. 
     Allocate group health claims weekly and review quarterly.
     Analyze current benefits, evaluating the use, services, coverage, effectiveness, cost, plan
    experience and competitive trends in benefits programs, and identify the company's stance.
     Review both short- and long-range cost estimates/projections and relevant statistical analyses
    regarding modifications in benefits programs and implementation of new programs.
     Survey industry trends. Complete benefits surveys and review information obtained from the
    results. Analyze complex benefits information. Forecast trends and assist with future benefits
    designs. Develop specific recommendations for review by management.
     Provide customer service support to internal and external customers. Develop communication
    tools to enhance understanding of the company's benefits package.
     Design and distribute materials for benefits orientations, open enrollment and summary plan descriptions. 

    Education and Experience:

     Bachelors degree in human resource management or related field, or three to five years of
    related benefits or employee benefits administration experience.

    Please contact Andrea Razak to apply.  

    Post live until 10/14/2021